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Iron Chefs

allows customers to immerse their senses in a comfortable dining environment enhanced by a menu of fresh seafood, vegetables, and Angus beef. Guests gather around the center grill to watch hibachi chefs prepare meals with feats of culinary coordination. In an intricate, fine-tuned display, the chef commands ingredients across the hibachi grill with intermittent fire spinning and epicurean artistry.

Beginning with a fried-shrimp appetizer, hibachi dinners include mushrooms, onions, broccoli, and carrots over a fluffy foundation of steamed rice, all customized with sliced new york strip steak ($17.95), salmon ($15.95), or lobster ($31.95). Behind the long, dark bar, sushi chefs ensconce fresh seafood with steamed rice to create intricate rolls that disguise their ingredients from the eyes of zealous flames. Iron Chefs features classic avocado-, cucumber-, and crab-meat-filled california rolls ($5.25) in addition to more complex arrangements of broccoli, carrot, onion, scallop, and smelt roe in the Volcano roll ($12.99).

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