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Dallas, TX

My wife and I went the weekend Iron Chef's opened.  My wife had seen the restaurant and we decided to try it.  We had been to the Benih's less than two weeks prior.

We were really suprized that we liked the food more than Benih's.  Also, it seemed like we got more!!!  We have had the Chicken, Steak and Shrimp on the Hibachi.  All three are EQUALLY good and all are quite filling.  

The entire meal in the Hibachi area is fun for both families, groups and families with kids.  It is good for birthdays, parties and other events.  Though my wife and I often go just the two of us, it is a lot more fun to go with a group or make some new friends quickly before the show gets started!


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Nicole T.
Commerce, TX

I loved this place.  My husband and I don't really make it out this way alot and the last time I had been here was the first week they were open.  I remember being very impressed and when my husband said he felt like sushi and we were going to be in the area I jumped at the chance to go here again, and it didn't disappoint.  

We both have a problem with over ordering at sushi restaurants because everything sounds so good, and we tend to be disappointed by specialty rolls that sound better than they taste, but that wasn't the case here.  We started with soy beans and then got the Boat C.  It was the perfect amount of food and everything was excellent.  We weren't crazy about the Double Spicy roll and substituted it for James Bond Roll.  I was amazed, there is actually a place out there that makes good specialty rolls.  The service was wonderful as well.  I would recommend this place to anyone.  I have to say it's hard to find a good sushi place that is reasonable, but this place is.   Try it out you wont be disappointed.



chip c.
Mesquite, TX

I have always loved dinner with a show-but when dinner is the show...Look Out!!  I have always liked Hibachi restaurants and this one is no exception.  The guys who came to prepare the meals here are FANTASTIC!  They give a first rate performance and the quality of food stacks up well against Benih's.  The wife had steak and I had calamari and we were both very pleased with our dinner.  The quantity is enough to even satisfy me(trust me-that is very impressive)!

This is a great place to take your kids or a group just looking to have a really fun time.  I don't know about anyone else but the egg in the hat and the onion volcano will never get old for me and my boys!

See-there really are reasons to venture into Mesquite!


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C. E.
Balch Springs, TX

We'd been eyeing this place since before it opened. We LOVE Japanese hibachi-style cooking, and Mesquite was finally getting one! We visit this restaurant at least twice a month. The hibachi show is entertaining and the food is DELISH! The wait staff is equally attentive and wonderful. If you are squirmish about sushi, don't be, it isn't all raw - in fact IRON CHEFS California Rolls are scrumptious! We love to sit in the sushi side and eat the california roll special with shrimp tempura roll! YUM-O! Equally as good as "Ben-haha" and cheaper!



Alysa F.
Fort Worth, TX

Delicious extremely fresh sushi prepared by friendly but non Asian guys. Friendly wait staff and reasonable prices. We will definitely be back next time we are in mesquite.


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Shawn Rice

I would like to let everyone know how good this place is.I also would like to tell you if you go to this place ask for TomTom (the cook) and Jessica (the waitress they were the best and i will be telling everybody about this place.


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Lei Anne

Very good! I love their shrimp tempura and their Heart Attack appetizer. I am learning about sushi, and I think the rolls here are somewhat loose as compared to some others, but the flavor is amazing! It's a good value for your money - check them out at lunch!